Why Are You Doing This?

To help one person.

To help one squirrel. (I love squirrels.)

To get it off my chest.

To squelch the voice that continues to say “you should be writing.”

To become a better writer.

To reach out to humans so I am not alone.

To make money.

Ha! That was to see if you were paying attention…I don’t think their is money to be made here.

To be more like Jesus. (I have always wanted to be more like Jesus, like I used to want to turn water into wine. Then I got sober. So I read up a bit on Jesus to see if he had any other talents I might want to copy. He was a pretty decent human. Wouldn’t the world be awesome if we were all a bit more ‘pretty decent humans’?)

To talk about squirrels. (I love squirrels.)

I am certainly not doing this because I feel I have a lot of important stuff to say. I mean, have you read any of my other posts? Not too much important is really going on in my life. But I honestly enjoy writing.

Math, not so much.

And, the ever infamous birthday countdown should really be starting soon (I have to wait until after the baby child’s birthday so as not to steal any of her birthday thunder.) and I needed a larger platform than just Facebook.

Double nickels deserves a large platform.

I did not do the birthday countdown last year and I continue to hear how disappointed people were. Who knew the countdown could bring such joy?? And really, wouldn’t you rather talk about my birthday on Facebook than join the downer wagon that seems to have taken over?

The first countdown event will explain why I didn’t do the countdown last year. It’s a tear jerker so I will give you fair warning to arm yourselves with tissues. It is a story about squirrels. (I love squirrels.)