God Can Speak Using an Irish AND a German Accent

For some reason a man with a German accent has always…um…intrigued…me.  

I have heard German spoken and I don’t think it is particularly a pretty language. It sounds very harsh to me and does not flow romantically like French nor does it run rapidly off the tongue like Spanish. It sort of sounds like hammering. It’s blunt. 

But the accent…I just love it. I like how the and comes out undt. I like the w’s pronounced as v’s. And it makes me smile when the s sounds like sh.

If you say ‘That girl is a very sweet and funny one.’ It would sound like ‘Dat gurl ish un very shveet undt foony vun.’

Bob knows that if he wants to get my toes to curl he need only speak a couple of sentences with a German accent. He has a joke that he tells about Lufthansa airlines that never gets old to my ears. Although sometimes when he tells it it can be turned into a sort of Irish/Indian/Polish/German accent. Not quite the same effect for me but his effort is always appreciated.

Telling this joke is granted to put me in the mood. (Undt der mooed – Undt being interchangeable with in undt and.)

I once read a short story by Mark Twain called “That Awful German Language“. It made me laugh so hard that the tears rolled down my face. According to Twain, it is not an easy language to learn. As an example let’s use the word ‘air’. In France it is aire. In Spain it is also aire. In German it is Luft. And yes, it is capitalized. This is my own example, Twain’s are much better.

Let’s try it in a sentence.

Love is in the air. (English)

Amor en el aire. (Spanish)

L’amour est dans l’air. (French)

Notice that you can pretty easily translate these on your own because the words are similar to ours. Now let’s look at it in German.

Liebe liegt in der Luft.

Hmmm….Not one word is like any of the words in the other three languages. For me, I can look at a book written in Spanish or French and can pick out a few words that I know the meaning of and could possibly get in the ball park regarding the topic. Not so if it were in German. It is an awful language, but the accent…

I heard someone with an authentic German accent speak yesterday and I can’t get the words out of my mind. I am often perplexed when God doesn’t answer my cries for help. I am always humbled when He answers them in His time, not mine. 

I have a friend and her last name is Freund. Freund is German and it means friend (isn’t that ironic?) She is not German, she is Irish and has an Irish accent. Irish is another accent that I adore-and apparently so do lots of others because she has a story about having a run in with the police, while being beverage happy, and getting out unscathed…I’m certain it was the accent–I must remember this the next time I need to get out of a situation with the po po.

Daph uses the word delightful in her sentences when she speaks. Her laughter is contagious. And she laughs alot. She laughs at her self. She laughs with joy. She attracts friends like flies to honey. She is delightful. I haven’t known her long but she greets me as if we were family. She plays the harp. She teaches spin. She is in my bible study and her rock solid relationship with God is what this post is about.

Daphne is married to Walter. He speaks with a German accent. To sit and listen to them talk back and forth would be like candy for me. I don’t care what the topic, just say stuff.

I know this seems an odd post. Let me explain without really explaining. Mein Freund (my friend-for those of you that haven’t been keeping up) has been on my mind for the last week. I do not want to share her sadness here, but I could not keep it in any longer. Grace has shown it’s beautiful face in Daphne. God has been so present in the lives of her and her family and for the life of me I cannot figure out why I got to witness it. 

I struggle in my walk with Christ on a daily basis. 

I cry out why.

He answers by showing me how.

And this time He spoke to me in an Irish AND a German accent.

How lucky am I?









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