Shtuff I did While I Wasn’t Here

As I am out and about carousing on the world wide web I find many fascinating things. This is my chance to share them with you, in case you are not out carousing as well.

If you are reading this in your email, it might be best to switch to the web. There are links you can follow. If something is underlined, you click it and it will take you to the fascinating thing I found.

No Bob, this is not all I have this week. Did you eat? I thought so.

March 20th was the first day of Spring. Chicagoans everywhere rejoiced. Most of the snow is gone exposing land beneath. Not yet green grass but there is hope. I saw windows on cars down. Shorts. I have not yet seen my own crocus but I know they are in there.


This guy keeps showing up on my facebook stream. Dancing Nathan. One ugly mug but he sure can cut the rug.

Remember that little boy that was trying to convince his mom that he deserved cupcakes? Ellen gave him cupcakes and his mom got 10,000 bucks. What he really needed was one of these.

I’ve seen this kid before but I like his advice to newborn babies.

Today is day 15 of no eating sugar. Things last week all looked like donuts. I could not stop thinking about donuts and I dreamed about donuts. Here’s what that means…

To see a donut in your dream represents the Self. It suggests that you may be feeling lost and still trying to find yourself and your purpose in life. Alternatively, it refers to growth, development and nurturance. You are not yet completely whole.

Or it could just mean that I gave up sugar and want a dang donut. Do you know how many Dunkin’ Donuts there are in the world? I must pass by 18 of them on my way to anywhere.

My daughter Emmer, lives in Denver. She added to my torture by sharing this with me.

Now that  The Bachelor is over I have not been crocheting. I need a new program to get addicted to so I can sit quietly for an hour and crochet. I have been catching up on The Walking Dead but no one else in the house will watch it with me and it is uncomfortable to crochet in bed. Bob has offered up allowing me to watch golf with him but those whispery voices put me right to sleep.

March Madness could be an option but I’d rather sleep through golf than listen to this. I will work on Bob’s blankie this week and show you progress next week.

Speaking of March Madness…Ohio State? I had them to win the whole Shebang just because that is my country of birth. Next year I will have to come up with a different theory on how to pick the winner. One woman I know won last year based on the color scheme of her dream house. Maybe I will try that.

I really like Pinterest. It gives me inspiration and I like looking at all the pretty pictures.  It is loaded with stuff I fully intend to make. Food, crafts, gardening, clothing, shoes, food…I think there is even a donut board. This week I only made one thing from Pinterest and boy oh boy is it delicious.

Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal. I work at the YMCA at 5am. I do not have time to eat breakfast before I go so I have been making this the night before and eating it at work. I changed my recipe up a bit.

One 6oz container Light and Fit Greek Yogurt-Peach (this had the least amount of grams of sugar)

1/2 Cup rolled oats

1C. frozen raspberries (also good with fresh blueberries)

And Chia seeds. Sometimes I add a little soy milk because I like mine soupier.

And yes, every time I pull out the bag of Chia seeds I say Ch-ch-ch-chia.

I have been pretty good about exercising. I burned a total of 1782 calories since last Saturday.

I read a lot of blogs. I’m always finding brand new ones. This week the post that kept coming to mind was this one.

In other news:

Most of the snow has melted which means the yard is muddy which means the dogs paws are muddy when they come in the house which means my floors are dirty all the time. If anyone would like to adopt a dog leave a comment below. Free, no give backs.

I have learned that fit people want you to be fit too. I have been sharing with others at the Y that I am trying to get on a healthy path and everyone I’ve spoken to has been supportive and offered advice.  One woman there started running when she was 40. Fourteen years later she has run 36 marathons. Her hope is to complete a marathon in every state. I mentioned that I am considering doing the Disney marathon in January of 2015 and she said she’d be glad to help me train. Sick woman. Just another person I have to try and avoid.

Rumor has it that both of my girls will be home at the same time in April…this means I may have the opportunity to get a picture of ALL THREE OF MY CHILDREN. My heart is bursting with happiness.

We all have a choice on how our day or week can go…choose to make yours a good one. 


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