TBT renamed BFD

It’s Thursday which means its Throwback Thursday, a day where I get out of having to actually write a blog, I just get to put up a picture and call it a day.

I am renaming it BFD because it is Bob’s Favorite Day. He says every Throwback Thursday decreases our followers.

Someone said BFD could also mean something else, I said of course it could.

It could stand for:

Bavarian Fudge Donut (I’ve given up sugar, I find a lot of my sentences end in ‘donut’ these days. Like, I wish I had a donut. I’d like to eat a donut. The cat looks a bit like a donut. Donut, donut, donut.)

Blessed Father Day…is there a blessed Father?

Blended Family Dysfunction…no comment

Blind Faith Day…the band.

Best Friend Day…at our house it is always this day. Just ask the dog. Or the cat.

Blackened Fish Dinner…healthier than donuts but not as much fun…see below.

Bring Forth Donuts (Like a magic mantra, say this three times in front of the mirror and they will magically appear)


Bring Four Donuts (May be my favorite BFD)

Breathe Fire Day (for dragons of course)

A lot of BFD’s could be all about Bob

Bob’s Fried Day (If one has vacationed with Bob one understands this.)

Bob’s Farting Diary…seriously, I would not be surprised.

Bob’s Food Diet… same as a seafood diet.

Bob Finds Donut (yay! I love him!)

But no, it stands for Bob’s Favorite Day. He thinks TBT days are cheating.

Here’s the photo. I couldn’t even tell you what year it is from.

The redhead is Dawn Troke. She and I shared many days scrapbooking, stamping, camping, drinking and laughing.  Our kids played well together and some of my favorite memories are around times with her family and our other Cary friends. This cruise has many stories but does not even come close to the stories we could tell about our Mother’s Day cruise! Another blog…or blackmail!


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