I Gave Up Sugar For Lent

A little more than a week ago I decided to give up sugar for Lent. I was so committed to being successful that I wrote about it here so I would have accountability. It’s been thirteen days and I have not fallen off the wagon. Though temptation lurks around every corner. 

I have also started working at the YMCA. One of the perks of working there is a free adult membership. So yeah, I have a Y membership. I gave up sugar and I got a Y membership. I read somewhere that said on the days a person works out they are less likely to eat something unhealthy. I decided I could again use all the help I can get to stick to this no sweets idea and am trying to exercise five days a week.

Stop me.

Then I downloaded an app called LoseIt. It’s an app that allows you to type in your current weight, pick a goal weight and determine an end date. The app then figures out how many calories you would need per day to get to your goal weight. Is everyone out there on board with calories?  I hear new schools of thought that say calories don’t really matter it’s quality of food that you eat. Who can give me feedback on this? I had great success losing weight with Weight Watchers and I don’t think counting calories is much different than counting points. Bob is on board for this one. As of Monday he and I are keeping track of all of our food. It’s day two and already Bob says it’s a stupid app.

Also this month I have set another goal for improving my health. It is eating five servings of fruits or veggies per day. Did you know you can eat a boatload of vegetables for minimal calories. I rarely add a vegetable to my meal. I don’t like many of them cooked and sometimes the thought of preparing a salad feels like too much work. I just started this challenge on Sunday and so far I am four for four. I am feeling some rumblings in and around my stomach area. Is that fiber? Bob has those rumblings, heads into the bathroom, uses the acoustics in there to his advantage and then yells out “Hear all that weight I’m losing?” 

All these goals and sticking to it and working out and not eating what I love. Want to know how it all happened? Here’s the story.

I’m working out. I’m doing some big calorie burn on an elliptical type machine. Sweating like crazy, breathing heavy and I’m pretty sure my face is really red. Upon completion I am happy to note that my total calorie burn is around 500 calories. As I’m heading out a friend sees me and we start chatting. This guy is all muscle. Hard muscle. I wonder what he does to keep in such great shape. He says cardio is useless. What?!? He says he can give me a workout that, providing I am diligent, could produce changes in two weeks. Am I interested? Then he adds, that if I am really serious it should all start with the food I eat.

All right, hind sight is 20/20. I should have said, gee, that’s intriguing, I have to go, but no, I said ‘You’re on.” Now I am realizing that ‘you’re on’ rhymes with moron. I panicked a bit on my car ride home. I’m afraid this workout he has in mind is going to hurt me but I calm myself down with the thought that this guy is not gonna remember I said that…

Then you know what happened? My darling husband saw this same guy, Greg, at the Y the next day and Greg asks where I am. Bob says she needed a day off. Greg then asked for my phone number and MY HUSBAND GIVES IT TO HIM! Next thing I know I am getting a text.

rest day


My husband threw me under the bus.

Meanwhile I realize that all these good health habits started when I gave up sweets and sugar and doughnuts. I am seeing a correlation. Sugar. Is. Bad.  Or….it could be that I never should have worked out in the first place then I wouldn’t have run into Greg and then I wouldn’t have thought about getting healthier then I wouldn’t be hungry right now!

Mulling. I’m not sure about this.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 09:16:20

    I think you are over thinking this whole thing. I think that calories do count. If you take in more than you use in a day, you will gain weight. However, if you are eating really healthy (lots of veggies and a reasonable amount of fruit) I don’t think it is necessary to count calories. I have also heard that cardio is necessary to lose weight, but you don’t need copious amounts of it to get to your goal. Building up your muscle also helps to burn more calories and ups your metabolism.

    You know, I bet if I spent more time following this advice instead of just reading about it, I could make some major improvements in several areas of my life. Something to think about.


  2. itsmeterilyn
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:04:21

    Bob and I often joke that if we could be in shape based on the exercise equipment we have and the magazines we read we’d be stunning! A new study agrees with what you say, cardio is good but more is not necessarily what a person needs to lose fat. I was just wondering what other people thought.


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