Shtuff I Did While I Wasn’t Here

Yes. Shtuff.  This will be a highly entertaining addition to my blog. I have not yet committed to a day of the week but am thinking it would make sense to do it on a Saturday. I wish I could come up with some sort of alliteration for it but am not feeling it at this time. This will be a weekly wrap up of my very exciting life. I will also share with you some of the things that I found fascinating and entertaining on my many expeditions (wasted hours) through the world wide web.

Bob and I have a great friend named Ronn.  He is, quite frankly, the best story teller I have ever met. Not only is he good at telling them, he has a lot of ’em. A LOT! He has lived in many places…fodder, he and his wife have five children…fodder and he is a pastor….fodder. Some of his stories couldn’t be fodder from the truth….sorry.

Any way, here is his story of how the word shtuff came to be…and I am totally making up most of it but that is poetic license. Not that his story needed changing, it’s just that I can’t remember it exactly.

This story opens on a moving day. You have a few friends over and one of your friends brings a friend. This new guy is funny and you immediately feel comfortable around him. You spend your day as if all these guys helping you have been your buds forever. You tell funny life stories, you share jokes, you drink beer, you maybe use colorful words.

Now, as the day is drawing to a close you find out that this awesomely funny man is a pastor. What’s the first thing you do? You replay the day trying to remember if  you used any unfavorable lingo or told any inappropriate stories trying to count how many beers you’ve had. All while trying to act as if this is not really going on in your head.

Here’s how it plays out. This really nice man (holy fu…um..shi….ummm…crap he’s a pastor) that you have companionably been hauling shi…um…furniture with all day points to the storage shed, “So, what do you have in that shed over there?  Is it full of things for us to move too?” You slap yourself in the head because you had forgotten about the damn…er…darn shed and as you swing open the doors you exclaim “Yes! This is full for ssshh..tuff we need to move too!”


I’m pretty sure pastors hear that word often. Grammas probably too.

So here is the list of shtuff I did while I wasn’t here. (This covers the past two weeks…I’m late.)

We flew to North Carolina to celebrate Annie’s 25th birthday with my inlaws. She’s a quarter of a century old now. Remind me not to go to Margaritaville unless I can sit outside.

While there we tried a little geocaching.  Geocaching is like a treasure hunt. There’s an app. We hunted three, only found two. It was a lot of fun, I can see this as a date, a weekend get away, a family activity. We will definitely be doing these again as the snow here dissolves.

Birds making beautiful music. 

These kids are having a great time!

I gave up sugar for lent and have been faithful to that. No slip ups.  I also started exercising.

Bob is trying out for a new position.  That of weather man. He has predicted that every snow for the last three weeks is absoulutely the last snow. He’s about as accurate as the local weather men. I am hoping he was right with this last one.  This little video pretty much wraps up how most of us feel about the snow. We all have a breaking point. 

But Linda honey, listen to me. If this were my kid he may have met the same fate as the snowman.

Enjoy your week everyone!

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