It’s heeeeeerrrreeee.

And all was quiet in the house until there was a loud thump. A bump.

The door opened slowly and it walked right in and made itself at home.

It brought stuff with it. It brought LOTS of stuff with it.

It moves, talks and can eat more than three Olympic swim teams.

It has taken over half of the bathroom, an entire closet and leaves hats on the kitchen counter.

It wears a shower curtain but calls it a dress.

It likes steak but no chicken.

It is funny….smelling.

Glasses tend to shatter in its presence.

It stirs the dogs into a frenzy for entertainment.

It is afraid of monsters.

It brought a bunny.

It believes it is the axis upon which the world turns.

It has big feet.

It’s favorite color is blue, it likes boys.

It is the apple that has fallen from the proverbial paternal tree.

It loves to shop. (I might like this part.)

I think it is an organizational anomaly. (Anomaly means a separation from the normal…)

It gets up early and stays up late.

It has made the kitten happy because it brought boxes.

It brought a lot of boxes.

It brought shoes.

It brought a lot of shoes.

It’s kind of cute. It seems to communicate well. It makes Bob smile. A lot.

It laughs, it makes people laugh.

It laughs at Bob’s jokes, which delights him to no end.

It plays well with others.

It spreads joy as well as consternation. (consternation means paralyzing dismay-for Bob-regarding it’s liking of boys and their liking it back)

It does not run with scissors.

Contrary to stories that indicate otherwise it DOES stop completely at red lights.

It’s a teacher…a science teacher….ugh.

It tends to light up a room when it enters.

It makes me laugh.

It makes Bob laugh.

It will be living here for the next few months and I do believe the entire household will be changed for the better while it’s here and a little sad when it leaves.

When is that again?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 10:30:20

    Good luck to all of you. It is much harder when they are adults, because they are so much harder to control. I know this from experience. At least all she brought was a bunny.


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