Three. Two. Juan. Ohhh.

I posted earlier this month about things we wasted our time on in 2013 and here I am only seven days into the new year wasting my time on something new…well, sort of new. I would venture to guess that the majority of women you ask would agree that Juan Pablo is an excellent way to waste time. 

Let me start this whole story off by throwing Bob under the bus. 

A few years ago I found my husband on his chair in the living room watching the Bachelor-the show where a man (or woman, each season alternates) starts out with 25 single ladies (men if its a bachelorette of course) and takes them out on dates-exotic dates, like to other countries, bungee jumping, skydiving and such with the hope of meeting his future wife (or her future husband).  The catch is he has to eliminate one or more women each week, narrowing it down to his one and only

I couldn’t believe Bob was wasting his time with this rubbish. I was disgusted and thought he was such a pig for watching 25 young beautiful women gallivanting around in teeny tiny bikinis…often around a hot tub, often not. Screaming and carrying on like idiots.

I lectured on the morals our country has come to, I heavy sighed my way through the living room mumbling my disbelief that he has sunk this low. I even tossed in the fact that I hoped his young daughter did not think that the way to win a man was to scamper about scantily clad…to no avail. 

He continued to watch despite my brow beating. And then he started watching in our room before we went to bed, while I was in there trying to read my book (probably the bible). That’s when I accidentally noticed  that the man involved had his shirt off alot.   Despite my best efforts to concentrate on my reading I was sucked in by the abs realization that these people seemed to really be developing feelings for each other and I started thinking how horrible! Here were ten women all professing to love the same man and the man seems to have genuine feelings for more than one woman and I said to Bob “This is a train wreck, someone is going to get crushed.” And he agreed, stating that is why he watched. 

We have been watching and backing our favorites together ever since. Through the tears, the backstabbing, the ex girlfriends that show up, the lies. Hmm…after that list of activities on the show perhaps my judgement of it not being real life enough was too hasty.

Which brings me to Juan Pablo, this seasons bachelor. 

Did you know there are parties all around the country where people gather and watch and pick their favorites and trash talk the bad ones and argue about who is sincere and who isn’t? They talk about bad outfits and great outfits and lack of outfits. They rip apart the bad girl, cheer for the good girl and are in shock when their favorite is not given a rose to continue.

It reminds me a bit of a time when I was much younger and still drinking. Some friends of mine used to have a Miss America drinking party. All the names of the contestants were placed in a hat and everyone alternately picked names until all the girls were chosen. Then, every time your contestants name was mentioned you had to drink. We also played a similar game to the TV sitcom MASH.. Bob and I are sort of doing the same thing with The Bachelor this year, sans the drinking part. 

We have each chosen six girls that we think will go far and as time goes on we will have to eventually pick who we think the winner will be. As Bob and I tend to be a bit competitive I am sure there will be some prize or punishment at stake but we have not yet reached that point of cut throat rivalry…yet.

Meanwhile, if you are a woman, and do not watch the bachelor, just go and google Juan Pablo…he’s cute, got an accent and has a great sense of humor. I just can’t understand why this guy needs the help of this show to find a woman. The beauty of this show is that for you men out there, you can google all 27 women that are vying for his hand as well. I think Cassndra and Sharleen are both quite beautiful if you need a place to start.


Happy Juan-uary!



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