Tuesday on Wednesday

I missed another day blogging but I can explain!

I signed up for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) through a website called BlogHer. I was supposed to be able to cross post to their website which would get my writing out to more people, hook me up with other bloggers and enter me into a couple of contests. I thought I was doing that but as I was exploring that website I noticed that they actually gave me a space to blog on. Using that space would get me readers and blogging friends and contest entries.  But I don’t want to blog there, I want to bring people here, to my personal blog. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how I could get my blog on there website. To no avail. If anyone is reading this and they know how to do that please contact me!

Being the sort that is easily distracted I checked out a couple other blogs and nosed in some other spots to see what was going on in the BlogHer world when I noticed that they have a weekly writing challenge. I was going to try and plan ahead and get my post for Wednesday all written on Tuesday because Tuesday is Craf T Tuesday and I already had a plan for that and decided that I would use their writing challenge prompt to do my Wednesday blog. I love it when I am organized!

Well, the prompt was to write a short story about a picture. If you go here you can see the picture. And here is the prompt they offered.

Using the story behind the photo above as a jumping off point for this week’s writing challenge, we want you to talk about leaving your mark. For the fiction-minded, fill in the mystery behind this photograph. Who were these flowers left for? Was there a message included? Is there a mysterious reason why these flowers are covered in dust, but still appear so young?

So I started writing about Sophie, a homeless woman.

And it took off. But it took off a lot bigger than I expected and it turned into a bit longer of a story that could never be finished in time for Wednesdays blog post. I will continue to work on her story and hopefully will be able to post it here soon.

Now, to continue my lengthy explanation regarding yesterdays blog post…

I had a stamping class to go to last night and intended to post the pictures of what I made last night to the blog to keep up with Craf T Tuesday but it was late when I got home and well, I went to bed. Hence the name of todays blog.

My friend Charlotte teaches this class and the things we make are meant to be sent to her college kids. We made three things.

For the Grinch on your list.

Image There is a long candy bar inside there. 

Second craft was for January, so it’s just winter themed. I think this is the one that I will be sending to Ellen and her friends.


And last one was for Valentine’s Day but I think it could easily be changed and used for any holiday or event. 


My sister in-law joined me last night and she has never stamped before but she had no problem getting these made. We don’t just sit in silence and craft either, there was informative chatter going on too. Did you know Lake Zurich is supposed to be getting a Jameson’s Steak House? No? See what you missed? Charlotte will be holding another class like this with three new projects in February. Shall I call you to join us? 

(If there is ever any craft displayed here that you are interested in purchasing, make an offer. All items can be bought…except the kittens.) Hey, for you, such a deal, I would even have a class and teach you how to make your own. I will have Oreo cookies and some informative chatter as well.

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