Clothes Make the (Wo)Man

Bob and I love jammie time. A question often asked in our house is, “Is it jammie time yet?” The comfy zone is pulling me in.

For us, Daylight Savings time means we can don our comfy pants and sweatshirts one hour earlier…which, on occasion has been known to happen at 5:30pm. Getting into our jams means we are in for the night. It means release from the uncomfortable cutting in of pants that are a bit too tight. It means we are that much closer to bed time. It means we are shutting down and settling in. More often than not it means, for me anyway, I am done being productive for the day. Even if it is only 5:30 I find that putting on my pajamas makes me feel like the day is over and it is time for resting.

Since I have become a ‘stay-at-home-mom-with-two-cats’ I have gained about seven pounds. My jeans have developed muffin tops. They are not comfortable. When I take them off there is the imprint on my belly of where they were.(I should have warned you that this was not for the squeamish.) But I did not come here today to bemoan my lack of discipline in the area of exercise and sugar. Bear with me I will get to my point.

Being of the easily-swayed-from-exercise type I decided I would get up and put on my workout pants and sneakers immediately so I’d be prepared to exercise. Brilliant in theory. But you know what? Work out pants have elastic waist bands. They are soooooo comfy, almost like jammies. I no longer feel packed into my pants, I forget about the muffin top and spend my days delighted to be wearing exercise clothes. Exercising? Not so much.

Let me further mention another thing before I take you to my point.

When I am wearing my sweatpants or workout clothes it seems to take my whole mood down a notch. It tends to drain my motivation. I do not want to go out, I feel like a slouch, I act like a woman in pajamas, not a woman who will soon be walking. I tend to stay in, because I don’t feel workout clothes should be worn…unless I am working out. I would feel obligated to make up a reason as to why I am wearing workout clothes in the event that I saw someone I knew. It would most likely contain untruths about me and a forest preserve and four miles.

To save me from the lies, I stay in. (Lies I am telling myself are not being discussed here.)

On the other hand, when I am wearing actual clothes, I stand up straighter (added bonus, this helps me breath in my too tight pants ), I tend to be more productive. I feel responsible. I don’t sit at the computer as much (because of the breathing thing). I don’t make as many poor food choices because there is no ‘room’ for poor food choices.

One more little side trip before my final point, last one!

Many years ago, I discovered the Flylady. Her website is for those of us that need help keeping our lives and our homes in order. She has many, many great ideas for staying on top of housework. I even have a little app on my phone that I use to help me stay on track. Her morning mantra is get up and get dressed all the way to your shoes because ‘you act differently when you have clothes and shoes on.’  <—–the point! Those of you in clothes that fit can take a sigh of relief.

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”  I don’t think people in sweatpants or work out clothes or jammies have much influence either. I am going to change my mind set, I am not going to wear my workout clothes as an outfit. If I put them on it will be to exercise.

I am traveling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but also of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. At the sign post up ahead, my next stop, the no slouch zone.

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