One of the things I want to do more of while I am not working for someone else is to craft more. I love to stamp, scrapbook, paint, art journal and bead. I have an entire store stocked in the basement full of supplies to do all of these crafts (plus) so, at least once a week I will show you what I am currently working on. This will cover a blog post for the month. It will also encourage me to get in the basement and be creative. This little guy is going to my youngest up at NMU at her request. I made these guys last year for her and several of her friends. They were such a hit she asked me to make them for her again this year.  She is a Resident Assistant this year, so she needed approximately fifty….Image

Whoa, he came out huge…I have to get the hang of this blogging thing again.

Update! I changed the sizes.

Bob is a crafter too…he made the fat cat a Halloween costume this year and wanted to see if it would work.

Bob Mustache

It does.

Here’s what it looks like on the victim it was intended for….

Kitten halloween 006

Bob, please note, your picture is BEFORE the kitten. 🙂

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