Of all the things I said I would be doing when I wasn’t working, blogging was one of them. Number one in fact.

I have been home and not working since August 26 (another post, another story) and I have not blogged once. Not once.

Then today as I was going over my Facebook-I sort of count it as working, because in the back of my mind I think if I keep making comments and have a ‘presence’ on Facebook, when I start blogging again maybe people will read it.  Yes, I log my Facebook hours…er…time, not hours, just time, as marketing.

Let me start again.

As I was doing some marketing today (yes, I like the way this sounds much better!) I noticed that Terratalking one of the bloggers I admire, is doing a thing called NaBloPoMo. Now, usually in November all I do is stop shaving for the whole month. They call it Movember and the premise is that men all stop shaving for the whole month and when people ask why they aren’t shaving they say they are making people aware of men’s prostate health. I figure  since many football players wear some sort of pink for breast cancer awareness in the month of October I can jump on the support train and not shave my legs for a whole month. Sacrifice for a good cause. 

Let me start again.

As I was doing some marketing today (!) I noticed that Terratalking was participating in a thing called NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month and to be a participatory participant you should blog every day for the whole month.

So I decided if Terra, mother of four, one special circumstances child, maker of homemade Halloween costumes (did I mention that the four children are all girls?), excellent photographer on the side (in her spare time?), tweeter, Facebooker (marketing!) can do this, then I can in no way not do this too.

So here I am.

As for future posts you can look forward to information on my self imposed healthy eating challenge for the month, my cats and of course Bob. I’m certain many other things will pop into my head for me to discuss so please stop in, leave a comment and tell me what you are challenging yourself with these days.

Here’s to a blog or vlog a day for the month of November!




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. robert helmboldt
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 19:28:45

    again I am mentioned after those cats


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