Blogging again

Why did I stop?

Because as I started blogging, I started reading blogs.  As I started reading blogs I noted what the popular blogs were doing and I realized I needed to comment on blogs I liked. So I commented. I started a couple of friendships. I looked forward to reading a number of blogs. I commented and eventually other bloggers were reading my blog and commenting and so now I had a small community of wonderfully talented writers.

These successful bloggers all had Twitter accounts. They tweeted daily. Most of them tweeted more than once a day. So I started tweeting, and replying to tweets and having intermittent conversations and my community became larger and more and more people were reading my blog (forty people is a lot in my world!).

So I am blogging, commenting, tweeting and then you know what happened?


What an addicting little treasure that is! I could easily spend an hour a day just browsing the great stuff out there. Add to that my building community duties and I am commenting, following, and making more friends with more friends and finding more blogs to read! And I loved every minute of it. Problem is, I work full time. I don’t have enough minutes to disperse amongst the blogs, the comments, the tweets, Pinterest and then came…Instagram. I don’t need to run the drill again, it was more of the same.

As I read other blogs, by people much busier than me, by women with tons of kids, who posted EVERY SINGLE DAY, I became overwhelmed.  It’s too much!  I couldn’t comment, I couldn’t Twitter, I couldn’t Pinterest, I couldn’t keep up with all these other lives AND write a decent blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! How were these other bloggers doing it and doing it so well? Compared to them I was not cutting the mustard.

But I miss the blogging.  So often something would happen and I would think, “This would be fun to blog about” and then I remembered I don’t blog anymore 😦

Bottom line?

I lost sight of why I started blogging.

I blog for the pleasure of it. I blog because I  enjoy writing. I blog because it makes me a better writer. I blog because I think that maybe I am struggling with something that someone else might be struggling with. I blog because I hope my ability to muddle through life may just help someone else. I blog because it makes people laugh.

You know what’s great about blogging?  Feedback  from complete strangers, support from a great group of talented people that don’t even know me.  And more important than that was feedback from close friends, from family, from people I didn’t know were even reading…and they are still asking why I am not writing, they miss it.

So, I am back…with better guidelines for myself.

I will not be able to post everyday.

All my posts do not have to be prize winning writing about gripping events.

I will Twitter and Instagram when I can and not obsess about it.

I will read blogs and comment where I can, again, not obsessing.

Pinterest will be my Saturday morning indulgence.

I’m glad to be back.

And on another note? It’s 98 days until my birthday!

And does anyone know where  that saying “not cutting the mustard’ come from?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 07:43:33

    I’m glad you’re back to blogging! Oh and Pintrest being a Saturday morning indulgence–brilliant!!


  2. marvinchase
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 08:06:49

    Welcome back. 🙂


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