>Old People Say the Darndest Things

>This week on ‘Old People Say the Darndest Things’.

Mr. Myerson* has a great sense of humor. Whenever we chat he always leaves me with a smile on my face.

Yesterday Mr. Myerson was leaving the dining room after lunch and as he walked by something fell on the floor. It was a sock. As I turn to call him I am taking an inventory, he has both shoes on and both socks, I have no idea where this sock could have come from and am trying to stop my brain from thinking about this too much.

Just as I say his name, he is turning, looking at the floor, feeling around his midsection apparently he noticed the sock was missing.

I have picked it up and am holding it out to him and before I can say “Did you drop this?” He takes it from me and says, “Yes, it’s mine, I am not going to explain.” He turns and continues up to his room. Leaving me looking blankly at him before I scurry in to the bathroom to wash my hands.

Old people say the darndest things.

*Names have been changed for job security.

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