>Thank You

>Ahhh yes, it’s finally a three day weekend. Everyone can plan picnics, break out the grill, do some yard work and enjoy the fact that Sunday night isn’t really Sunday night because we get Monday off.

But why do we have the day off? Did the government decide that after a long winter we all need a three day weekend to officially kick off summer?


Maybe some ‘higher up type’ owns a boat. He realized it is impossible to prepare your vessel for voyage in two days. You need two days just to get the dang thing seaworthy after its long winter’s nap. You need the third day to be able venture out on the open seas. And drink beer.

No, that’s not it either.

It wasn’t a banker that needed a day off or a way for stores to empty the last bits of winter wear.

It wasn’t an uprising in the mail room for a two day weekend. Those people never get a two day weekend, postal workers go postal for a reason. Where most people only have five days to get all their work done, postal workers have six. This allows them to move at the speed of molasses in January and still get their job done. Since they have a monopoly on the letter delivering business they can make us wait as long as they want because really, where else are we going to go?

But I digress.

Memorial Day was made to commemorate all the soldiers that died while in military service. All the Service Members who sacrificed their lives for their country.

I know, I bring it up and it’s quite a buzz killer isn’t it? It was much more fun to rip the post office.

It’s easier to enjoy the barbecue, the friends and family and a game of bag-o than to take a moment to honor those that were killed giving us our many freedoms because it’s a downer. But do it. Stop for one moment and give them the thoughts they deserve. The men and women who served of course, but don’t forget the mothers, wives, sons and daughters that will be visiting a grave site today.

Remembering a man or woman.

A man or woman that spent Memorial Day weekends with them once upon a time.

A man or woman that danced, laughed, barbecued, boated, loved and stood in line at the post office. A man or woman who now leaves an empty space at dinner, in bed, at a wedding, at a graduation or at a party.

Thank you to all the families who have to remember today and thank you to all the military men and women who gave their lives for my continued freedoms.

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