>It’s Cool and That’s Cool With Me


Now that warm weather is finally on it’s way I have found a couple of reasons why I am okay if it doesn’t show up for a few more days. And I am going to deliver them to you ala David Letterman Top Ten.

Number 10. I don’t have to unpack all my summer clothes and go through the pain of trying them on. And sadly come to the realization that they don’t quite fit like they did last summer when I was run/walking every day.

Number 9. I don’t have to shave my legs every single morning.

Number 8. I can keep on wearing my favorite broken in brown cowboy boots…with everything.

Number 7. Unpainted toenails cannot be seen when wearing said boots.

Number 6. Three words. Heated mattress pad. Two words. Dual Controls. One word. LOVE.

Number 5. My arms are white as snow.

Number 4. My legs are whiter. (also hairy, see Number 9)

Number 3. I can still enjoy the heat the oven puts forth when turning on the oven to bake.

Number 2. Spooning with my man for body heat.

And, my number one reason for why I would be okay if warm weather was delayed a few more days….

My soft, comfy, torn, stained, extra large, worn, hunter orange hoody.

It’s a sweatshirt, it has to be worn in cooler temps. I will miss it over the summer. It is thee best thing to put on at the end of the day and the first thing I think of when I get a little chill. It is large enough that I can be uber lazy and not even have to take off what I am wearing because it slides right over everything. It also acts as an apron, because I really don’t care if it gets stains on it (more stains on it).

I do not wear it out of the house. Well, I do wear it in the car if I am dropping off children at school and there is no need for me to get out.

Did I mention it is HUNTER orange. You know that obnoxious orange color hunters wear so all the animals can see them coming for miles? And it comes with a story.

I have never been much of an outdoor camper type. But, about ten years ago I decided to go camping with a bunch of other women. The whole week before leaving I nervously joked about all the things I didn’t like about camping. Bugs. Numerous bugs. Mosquitoes to bite me, ants in the food and spiders in my sleeping bag.

Dirt. No heated showers, how do you sanitize dishes with no hot water, dirt in my sleeping bag.

Weather. Please God, don’t let it rain. Please God, don’t let it frost. Please God, just let me be warm in my sleeping bag.

And bears. With all my whining, this was the only fear my two daughters picked up on. They were six and nine at the time. They knew I was only sort of joking about everything but the bear conversation came up a lot. Are there bears there? Do they attack people for no reason? What would you do if a bear found you….on and on. I assured them that there really were no bears around and that the biggest danger was going to be hunters. This calmed them right down. (FYI I never researched where bears live. I did not want to know if there were bears around or any other wild animals for that matter. I prefer ignorance over inability to leave the car.)

The day I was leaving the girls presented me with a gift. It was sure to scare any bears away and would also alert hunters to my presence. A bright orange hoody.

I have loved it ever since.

Hoody seen here lounging on my bed with a favorite slipper.

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