>Seedling Miracle?

Kalanchoe is supposed to be a beautiful houseplant. This is what is supposed to look like. As you can almost see from the picture mine is a bit leggier than it should be. Bob has been at me to get rid of it because it is ugly.

But I got it at church for mother’s day when we went to this church before we were married and for some strange reason I feel a sentimental attachment to it. And besides, it’s still alive. I can’t throw away a living breathing sentimental thing. Yeah, I know my orange sweatshirt with the ripped collar, footprint stain on the back and all sorts of dribble stains on the front from eating ice cream in a slothful position when I am not feeling my best is not living or breathing but it’s got that sentimental tag attached to it! And it’s comfy! (Sniffing haughtily.)

Back to my less than perfect plant. I was watering it today and noticed these two tall stringy little seedlings growing in the pot. I’m like Wow! How cool is that? Two little seedlings growing! How the heck did they get in there? What could they possibly be? Am I that reckless in my cooking that I inadvertently flung a seed about and it amazingly landed in the pot AND took root! Can you imagine?

Bob is barely out of bed and I am running over to show him my discovery. ” Pumpkin!” I say. “Look!” And before I can elaborate on the wonder of two random seedlings just popping up in the container…he says “Cantaloupe, didn’t you see me shoving those seeds in there?”

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