>30 Silver Coins and Job Security

>That’s what it took to get Jesus to the cross.

The temple guards paid Judas thirty silver coins to direct them to Jesus. I wonder what Judas did with the money? I wonder how those coins felt in his hands after the crucifixion? I wonder how many times Judas agonized over this throughout the rest of his life. Because certainly,despite the pain he suffered on the cross, Jesus was now okay. He was resurrected and sat at the right hand of God, His hand had been played and He was good. But Judas? I can’t imagine waking up even one day after betraying a friend so drastically and not being completely miserable.

Pontius Pilate questions Jesus and finds him innocent, he passes him on to King Herod who also finds him innocent. But the people are so angered by Jesus’ claims to be the Son of God that they get themselves all riled up and the leaders are concerned a riot might break out. And if a riot breaks out they might lose the crowds belief in their leadership skills or worse, one of them might get hurt. I think a higher up must have said to Pilate, if you don’t get this crowd under control by dinner you will no longer work here!

And so Pilate ordered that Jesus be crucified. Which allows Pontius Pilate to keep his job. Perhaps it was close to election time and Pilate thought this move might firm up his chances to remain governor or move up the political ladder. He had is own plans for sitting at the right hand of some powerful leader. Was Pilate proud of his decision? Was his continued power as sweet as he envisioned? Or did the bitter taste of regret spoil his days? Sentencing an innocent man to death must be hard no matter who it is but sentencing the Son of God? Did they have sleeping pills back then? Because I can’t imagine that Pilate ever slept well again.

How many people in the crowd causing the threat of a riot really had an opinion of Jesus’ guilt? How many in that crowd were just going along with their peers or just jumped on the band wagon out of ignorance? Do you think even half of them had even heard Jesus make these claims? That they were going on hearsay only? Perhaps the sick attraction of tragedy brought people out. How did those people feel three days later?

Let me pose a question. If I live my life believing that Jesus is our savior and in the end it is true, what have I lost?

If you live your life not believing that Jesus is our savior and in the end it is true, what have you lost?

It’s never too late to change your mind.

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