>Holy Week

Here is a picture of our daffodils trying to bloom through the stupid snow that hit us a few days ago. I started to think that maybe this would be the year that summer would never show up in Chicago.

Every April I start to get excited because spring is here and the weather is going to get warm. I mean, the ‘official’ first day of spring was way back on March 20. That should be Mother Nature’s sign that it’s time to cue in the warm temperatures. You would think after living here for thirteen plus years I wouldn’t be surprised that April is so darn cold. But I have hope.

About mid April I start to realize that the one warm 80 degree day we had at the beginning of April was April Fools Spring. Mother Nature wielding her power and teasing me with a breath of warm spring air. She’s not as funny as she thinks she is!

Spring in Chicago is like faith in Jesus. I just have to believe. There will be snow, there will be tornadoes, there will be some more snow, there will be thunderstorms. Then there will be that one warm day smack dab in the middle of the stormy weather, that reminds me to keep the faith. So I will keep taking it day by day. Preparing my warmer clothes. Tilling the soil for the garden. Cleaning up winter’s mess. Doing the next right thing because soon, that breath of warmth will be here and I want to be ready.

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