>Monday on my Mind

>It’s the weekend. Ahhhh.

Weekends immediately make me think of Monday and the ‘fresh start’ I am going to get on my life.
Here is a small list of the things I would like to do on Monday, many of them will be the beginning of a new me.

  • Start eating four vegetables everyday.
  • Weather is getting nice, time to start walking for an hour every day.
  • Work on my core.
  • Blog.
  • Make a menu for the week and get my grocery shopping done.
  • Write a note to Johnny Depp to let him know I can’t wait for the new pirate movie.
  • Spring clean
  • Organize the desk so I can work from there instead of on the bar in the middle of the kitchen.
  • Send a note to Steven Tyler and ask, Feathers? In your hair? Why?
  • Start going to Yoga again.
  • Do p90X or the Wii exercise two times a week.
  • If the weather is bad use the elliptical that is in the garage, behind the suitcases, that are behind the huge box that has the two chairs we bought for the deck this summer in it.
  • Send a note to Campbell’s soup and inquire (again) if they will please bring back the Hotdog Bean soup from my childhood.
  • Start my seedlings for zinnias, zucchini and tomatoes.
  • Research Photoshop. Is this the program I need to add props to pictures?
  • Clean the house.

It’s almost like it’s New Year’s Eve for me every weekend because Monday is going to be the day that I make the change! I get all hopped up on the excitement and anticipation of the new me and then Monday rolls around and well…what happens?

I didn’t make a list? I didn’t shower as soon as I got up? I had a poor breakfast? I slept too late? I got up too early? Venus was not aligned with Mars? It’s that time of the month?

Our bodies thrive on cycles and rhythms, I just need to pick one habit I want to improve and set it up in my daily schedule and keep committed to it. That logic is why I started the The Ultimate Blog Challenge . I wanted to make blogging a regular part of my day but I need to be held accountable. I like checking off the boxes on the calendar I got. I like posting on the Challenges Facebook page. I like the feedback I get from other challengers.

I need to set up a challenge for every one of my goals. I need a checklist, the ability to share with others (that give a hoot) that I accomplished a goal and I need positive feedback. This is so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier. Be on the look out for “Teri’s Ultimate Clean Out Your Utensil Drawer Challenge.” (I figured I’d start out small.)

Monday here I come!

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