>All is Right in My World

>What my life is and what it looks like in my own little world are really two very different things. I sat down to blog about how well I felt Bob and I did on our healthy eating this week and it came out that

‘I usually have Mondays off. This is the day that I make my menu and get my grocery shopping done.’

Ha! At some point over the weekend I am pretty sure this plan is in my head but the actual doing, on Monday, I don’t think it happens very often. I will tell you that my menu definitely gets done on Monday…well, started on Monday. Sadly, I am seeing a bit of a flaw in the blogging idea, it is interfering with my perfect, organized life. The life where my house is clean and the laundry never gets left in the washer for two days and healthy meals are on the table by six pm. If I intend to blog about my daily life I may actually have to be accountable for my real life!?!

Facebook works much better because there I can just send a quick little blurb out to all, on Monday, that could say:

‘I had today off and I got my menu for the week done and am on my way to the grocery store with my coupons. I have vacuumed, washed the sheets, done all the laundry and knitted three sweaters already today. Oh I love Mondays.’

Hit enter. Posted.

I can put this out there in good conscience because I really do plan on accomplishing all that on Monday but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

In the real world while writing above facebook post I am still in my jammies, have labeled a piece of paper with the days of the week to start my menu planning, passed by the vacuum on my way to sort the dirty clothes into three or four piles that are still stacked up on the bedroom floor. With the sheets. I don’t really knit but I looked at some books on knitting a couple of days ago.

Bob reads my blogs, so he will be able to say. Honey? Where is all the food you bought at the grocery store on Monday? He may even have a bit of a sarcastic attitude about it. And he would know immediately that the coupon statement was a lie. He is the coupon clipper. Pusher actually. His brilliant idea is to clip the coupons, print the coupons, buy the coupons and keep them in a nice little clip that stays in the car. Always. This way (he is so smart) when we get to the store we have them with us. Just like all our reusable bags. Neither coupons nor bags have seen the inside of a grocery store since last December.

Perhaps I need to put out a disclaimer.

‘This blog is fictional writing based on the life the author wants to have but can’t get because it is continually interrupted by reality or procrastination. Bob, going along with the delusions of the author is good foreplay.’

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristen
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 05:41:51

    >You know Mom used to make those little menus…and she knits. You are just like her! I am a size MEDIUM by the way and I love the color purple.


  2. Itsme.
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 06:48:30

    >Like I would make you something after you say I am like mom! You are like dad! Ha!


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