>It’s all about the sauce.

>Ever go to McDonald’s, get chicken nuggets (okay, okay, I ordered the happy meal!), get home and find that they forgot to include the sauce? As for me, now I can’t eat the nuggets. I pretty much get the chicken to hold the sauce. People don’t ask for extra nuggets in their (happy) meal, they ask for extra sauce.

There is always some email or facebook get to know you poll going on and invariably one of the questions is Chocolate or Vanilla? In my mind, the only reason they made vanilla was so you could put chocolate sauce on it. Chocolate sauce, pineapple sauce and Planter’s Spanish peanuts. (It must be that salty sweet thing.) I think there was one time that I ordered a vanilla shake but it was so I could dump it on my Carmel Apple Empenada from Taco Bell and make it like apple pie and ice cream without having to buy a whole pie. (Sheesh, alright already, TWO empanadas). For me vanilla is no good as a stand alone.

Tonight I made the chicken fingers from the book ‘Cook This Not That’ again and I am telling you the sauce makes them so delicious it was hard for me to stop eating them! I ate a finger with no sauce and my mouth said “Where’s the saaaaauuuuuucccccceeeee??” It’s made with chipotle peppers, honey and mustard. The perfect blend of hot and sweet. I am trying to figure out what else I can put this on it’s so darn good. Last time I made this dish I had to make a second batch of sauce so we could finish the leftover chicken.

I don’t think I need another example of sauce making a meal, but think about ribs. Do they make eight different kinds of ribs? No, they don’t, but they do offer several sauce choices. Are you picking up what I am putting down here?

My point is, what ‘sauce’ is making me better today? It’s a daily conundrum. The ho humness of everyday life. It’s got to happen but when the day is gone I am pretty sure I have never said “Gee, I wish my day could have been more ho hum somehow.” Tonight when I go to bed I’m gonna say “What kind of sauce will I use for tomorrow?” Bob is going to think this is some sort of sex question so I better just think it.

What sauce are you gonna choose today?

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  1. Amy L. Harden
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 21:08:41

    >I thoroughly enjoyed your post…and I agree keep that sauce question to yourself…your husband will definitely think you are talking about "you know what" and that is a blog topic for another day…now isn't it? 🙂 ❤


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