>Follow the Leader

>I got up at 7:30 this morning, made my coffee and fed my Schmitten (the made up word of the day…it’s German for “the cat who acts like a dog that I love so much”). Then out comes Bob.  Bob wakes up in the morning kind of like a grizzly bear coming out of hibernation.  Scratching and scritching.  Stretching and yawning.  Shuff, shuff, shufflin’ into the kitchen.  And as we sit at the counter looking at our computers, drinking our coffee “the Sunday morning question” comes out.  “Are you going to church today?” He always asks.  We know that the answer is yes but somewhere deep down inside we are searching for an excuse not to go.   I mean who wants to get out of their jammies on a Sunday (a rainy, dismal, dreary Sunday at that) and get dressed and go anywhere?

We went.  It was youth Sunday.  This means the youth were running the service and the sermon was given by the youth pastor. (Short little side bar here…we started off with a game from the show “A Minute to Win It”.  My darling Ellen volunteered me.  So three of us compete and….I WIN!! Got a free T-shirt making it already worth while attending church. God does work in mysterious ways.)

The youth pastor did a great job.  Definitely a message worth hearing and another sign as to why I should not be looking for excuses to miss church. This is my take on what he said and I am paraphrasing big time.

Jesus said “Follow me.” Easy right?  The thing is we are in a boat and Jesus is about 100 feet away, standing on nothing but water.  Ummmm, so does he mean step out of the boat (that is safely floating above the water keeping me dry and quite comfortable) and walk on water to him? Yeah, that’s what he means.  Unfortunately I am in the boat with a million questions.   At the forefront of my mind is walking on water is impossible.  Once I’m out of the boat where will we go?  How long will we be gone?  If I forget something can we come back and get it?  Is there shopping where we are going because no doubt there WILL be something I am going to need.  Oh, and walking on water is. not. possible. But a tiny voice is saying I think Jesus could be a really good time and I really do want to go because I am afraid I might miss out on something really REALLY big. 

Follow me.  Peter did it.  What is keeping you in the boat today? 

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